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Thinking of Going for an Interview Soon? Know What to Ask Your Potential boss during the interview?

Interview Tips

5.20 PM Monday / December 02, 2013

Thilini Prarthana Bandara

So you are looking for a job. One of the major mistakes a job-interviewee can make is not asking any questions at a job interview.

Yes. An interview is a two-way lane - with traffic rules. At the end of almost all the interviews you will be asked if you have any questions to ask .If you start stammering or look ill-prepared and say NO, your future boss will think you are uninformed about the company or uninterested. Always say YES, but be careful to ask the right questions, and you’ll impress your potential employer with your interest, and thoughtfulness.

1. Ask More About the Position

Read the job description they provided you, and do your research online for similar job roles. Before going for the interview have an idea of what is expected of you in that position. Focus on whether the job is a good fit for your future career plans. A career consultant once said “Don’t take the first offer you get only because you need to find a job.”When the interviewer asks ‘do you have any questions?” Ask them how an average work day for your position would look like. You should have a realistic estimate of what kind of work you will be doing before accepting the job offer.

2. What are the Other Team Members Like?

Yes this question should definitely be in the list. Although how tempting the job package looks like, if you have to deal with a set of irritating team members the level of work stress you go through could be pretty high. Also you can learn a lot about your future boss by pay attention to the way the he talks about your future teammates. Is his words show pride, admiration and maybe even genuine affection? That’s the sign of a boss who likes being a boss, not just someone who unintentionally found himself in a managing position because it was the only way to climb the corporate ladder and working with a manager like this can be a daunting experience too. So it’s better to get a prior idea about the people you are going to work with-just to be prepared, in case !

3. Does Your Company Encourage Personal Development?

Are you someone who is ambitious and looking to move your career forward? If so, show that quality of yours to them! No one will want to make you a part of their company if they feel that you a lethargic guy with no aim in life. Any forward minded company will be looking for like-minded staff members. So ask questions to show just how determined you are.

All in all …the bottom line is - be prepared! Know your resume and your unique value proposition, but communicate it by what you do, demonstrating it by what you have done, and highlight why what you did mattered. Good luck with your next interview. Let us know what happens ☺

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