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Value Plus Professional

Overall job knowledge is instrumental to building core competencies in employees. In the meantime, experience and exposure helps employees develop maturity of judgment in decision-making or problem-solving.

At PACE, we, with this revolutionary new concept of’ Value Plus Professional’ intends to help our students in gathering overall job knowledge & exposure as they study for professional qualifications at PACE.

A critical management imperative

Understandably, it’s a crucial management imperative. In other words, unless you know what you’re doing, you’re highly unlikely to reach a position where you can manage a team of people. Even if you do reach such a position by some stroke of luck, the odds are high against your succeeding in that role.

For someone who wants become a manager or an executive, overall job knowledge & exposure is immensely helpful in raising the productivity and efficiency in their team, solving technical problems and even in innovating. Further, it determines his or her ability to control excesses and keep the team engaged at work.

Also, this proves a decisive factor in learning to be flexible, in making bold initiatives and in learning from one’s own and others’ mistakes which contributes substantially to success and growth of a business venture.

Key to sustainable business enterprises

It’s also crucial to organizational transformation and cultural turnaround in the form of new managerial styles and more robust organizational behavior.

Clearly, all this comes together to build highly successful and sustainable business enterprises.

PACE Approach

First, at PACE, we offer practical-oriented lectures to our students. PACE can do this thanks to the highly qualified staff that also possesses extensive industry experience.

Further, PACE incorporates industry demonstrations into each course with an eye to improving PACE students’ functional knowledge and skills. For example, in an Accounting course such as aat, students may be shown how the accounting software Quickbook works. In CPIT, it can be a demonstration on how to configure a server.

Another strategy PACE follows is to offer work-station based learning- staging real-life work scenarios in the classroom.

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