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Continual Professional Development (CPD)

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Continual Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional lives.

New technology, methods of working, legislative changes and the emergence of new concepts and professions mean there is a growing imperative placed upon practitioners in all types of work to maintain professional competence.

CPD resources provide an accessible and standardized way to contnuously develop knowledge and skills, and demonstrate professional standing.

CPD is an essential part of the education PACE Institute offers. PACE Institute provides continual advisory support for its alumni to perform their job responsibilities effectively.

Further, through seminars and conferences, it updates its alumni on changes in practices and advancements in related fields so as to offer students the very best service.

PACE Approach

Career guidance services

If you are unsure of what step you should take next in your professional life PACE is there to help you. Our well trained and knowledgeable career guidance counselors will guide you to make a well thought out decision.

Self-directed: driven by you

PACE guides you throughout your career acting like a mentor, and making you to have the drive to move up the career ladder fast.

PACE community support

PACE community support will always be available for our students. Because the community comprises of members from leading corporate, academics, industry specialists, PACE students are always offered with information on job openings , career development opportunities, mentorships, new knowledge on current industry trends, resume preparing etc.

Focus on learning from experience

PACE always encourages our alumni to engage in reflective learning and review

pace news & events

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    Red Hat Linux Certified Linux System Administrators

    October 14 2014 was a special day for us at PACE ... more

  • Red Hat-Linux Training & Lectures Commenced at PACE Institute

    Red Hat Training RHCSA / RHCE & Lectures Commenced at PACE Institute

    Sunday, 6th of October 2013 was a much anticipated day for us at PACE Institute...more

  • PACE Institute Appointed as Red Hat Certified Training Partner

    Red Hat Certified Training Partner

    Red Hat, the world’s topmost Enterprise training certification body for Linux system ...more

  • Meet the Experts Discussion Series

    red hat training center

    PACE Institute organized and hosted a valuable presentation and discussion introducing the popular Red Hat...more

  • Train the trainer workshop for Red Hat

    Red hat training center for rhcsa / rhce

    'Train the trainer' workshop for Red Hat trainers was held on the 19th and 20th of Sept...more

  • Presentation & Discussion on career-building with RedHat Linux

    red hat training center in sri lanka

    PACE Institute has organized a presentation & discussion by RedHat Consultant... more

  • PACE Value Plus Professionalsite launch

    Red hat training & linux training

    PACE Institute will offer a "PACE Value+ certificate" to the students who will complete... more

  • Red Hat 1st batch inauguration

    Red Hat training 1st batch inauguration

    PACE Institute will commence it’s inaugural lectures on the popular Linux system administra... more

  • PACE Institute new web site launch

    red hat training institute sri lanka

    PACE Institute launched it's website on September 2 2013. This is a well informative source for prospective students and other interested...more

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